Warranty & Guarantees

Structural Warranties

Each QNV built home is covered by a Structural Warranty with the duration of the periods outlined below as they differ between each State in Australia.

State Duration of Warranty
Queensland 6 years and 6 months
New South Wales 6 years
South Australia 5 years
Tasmania 6 years
Victoria 6 years

This is based on Victorian Terms - Other States if different are listed below.

Air Conditioner

The Air conditioner has a 5 year warranty on the unit in addition to the 12 month warranty on installation.

Appliances (Oven, Cooktop, Dishwasher, Rangehood)

The appliances have a 2 year warranty on parts and labour with the supplier / manufacturer.


The blinds have a 12 month warranty which covers defects from the date of purchase and 5 year supplier warranty on fabric.

  • QLD - The blinds have a 2 year warranty which cover defects only from the date of purchase.
  • SA - The blinds have a 24 month warranty on installation, manufacturing and componentry with a 5 year supplier's warranty on fabric.
  • TAS - The blinds have a 1 year warranty which covers defects from the date of purchase.

Door Furniture and Locks Warranty

Entrance handle sets, levers and locksets have a 7 year warranty.

Garage Door

Remotes / Keys for the garage door are accepted at the Handover Appointment. The Garage door has a 12 month warranty and the motor has a 24 month warranty from date of installation.

Hot Water System

The Hot Water System has a 3 year parts and labour warranty in addition to the 10 year warranty on the Heat Exchanger (Part Only).

  • TAS - The Hot Water system has an 8 year warranty from the date of Handover.

Termite Protection **If Applicable**

Homeguard Termite Management system covers the property for a 25 year warranty provided. Terms and Conditions are included in the Handover Pack.


3 year warranty on all moving parts and a 7 year warranty on all non-moving parts.

Northern QLD - warranty period of 7 years for defects arising from faulty workmanship from the date of delivery to site.

Water Tank & Pump **If Applicable**

The water tank comes with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer. The pump has a 2 year warranty from the Manufacturer.

** Terms and Conditions apply to a lot of these manufacturers' warranties.
i.e. One condition of the Termite 25 year warranty is the owner must have yearly inspections by Homeguard certified inspector


* Structural warranties vary state-by-state

* Termite protection, if included requires annual inspection

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