Through a decade of building experience we have developed our own proprietary building system - QNVConstruct. This unique approach to building ensures a quality investment property build through refining processes and working closely with suppliers to develop an efficient build that removes lengthy delays.

  • All construction planning is developed using the latest, efficient software to minimise delays and all QNV investment property builds use the same rigorous standard of build to ensure a high level of finish. Full team briefings are undertaken prior to any build commencement. This ensures build teams have a full understanding of each requirement prior to starting
  • All additional requirements are mapped during the planning phase and pre-ordered and stored to ensure efficient turnaround.
  • All sites are purchased via extensive analysis procedures to eliminate potential delays and flooding issues. Full site surveys are conducted prior to foundations being laid.
  • All building requirements and components are derived from quality, Australian based suppliers. Our buying power helps to eliminate bottlenecks and potential delays.
  • Our pre-fabrication is completed off site and moved to site only when required. This helps ensure a better finish and higher quality fabrication.
  • Every stage of build is signed off by the supervisor. Only then can the build move to the next stage.
  • All QNV investment properties are delivered full turn-key, including window furnishings, dishwasher inclusion, letterbox, split or ducted air-conditioning, landscaping and driveway to the property.
  • All furnishings are supplied upon build completion, eliminating damage to any areas of the property.

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We understand that capacity constraints and project timelines can change, requiring a flexible and committed building partner with the scope to handle small to large building projects.

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