About QNV Constructions

Our company commenced building superior quality residential properties in Victoria in 2011. Since then, the demand for QNV product has seen the successful expansion into Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania. Led by an award winning builder and member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Masters Building Association, QNV Constructions is one of Australia's largest, established builders of private residential homes. With a leadership team combining more than 50 years' experience across Australia, QNV has a formidable reputation for delivering superior quality results within budget, on time - every time.

Through our investment property building background we have developed an efficient building process and a broad network of suppliers and sub-contractors that deliver a range of superior quality finishes and product inclusions at a competitive price.

At QNV - Quality - National - Value - are the core of our business. We create a superior Quality product through the use of our reliable National network, providing exceptional Value for our diverse range of clients.


Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values


To surpass expectations and create value.


To surpass expectations, create value and provide a safe and rewarding home for our people to grow.


We believe we exist to design and create sustainable and innovative building solutions. We strive for excellence and if we get it wrong, we have the honesty to say so and the courage to rectify and change.


  • Clients are everything to us
  • Passionate but humble
  • Committed & Accountable
  • Respect & Integrity
  • Agile
  • Mum would be proud

Superior Quality Investment Homes

We excel at designing and building quality investment homes. As an experienced master builder our skills have been developed within the property investment sector where value and return on investment is paramount. We have the unique ability to design and build your home using our knowledge, established relationships with suppliers, vendors and developers to create an exceptional quality home that you will be proud to own and delivers a great capital growth.

Exceptional Quality Developer Built Projects

Our flexible, efficient approach to building, backed with our long-standing reputation for quality and service has driven the demand for our team to build projects for private developers. We work with a diverse range of third party land developers and builders throughout Australia on a range of project types and sizes. Our flexibility, size and approach allows us to be the sole builder or work in partnership as required. Where reliability, quality and dependability is essential for your next project we can help.

Unique Quality Custom Built Projects

Increasingly we have had requests to undertake a range of innovative custom building. We bring our skills, honed in investment property building, to a new level when building owner occupier homes. Our approach is to work alongside the owner, understanding their specific requirements and utilising our partnerships and skilled craftsmen to deliver an unparalleled result.

Our Service

Over the years, QNV has been recognised as a builder that delivers an exceptional client service. Our reputation has been built on consistency. We deliver great outcomes for clients, whether they be individual investors or private developers. Testament to this is that our General Manager will gladly take direct phone calls from clients, such is his confidence in the QNV product. Building with QNV is a journey that we’ll make smooth and seamless. We pride ourselves in ensuring each client is informed of your home's progress as it takes shape. With a growing client base of repeat clients we continue to deliver and build within timeframes, providing peace of mind for our clients with early handover, tenancy and therefore expediting your return on investment.

Our Sustainable Building Commitment

Where practicable QNV Constructions is committed to implementing sustainable building designs and techniques including, but not limited to:

  • Eco-friendly materials, energy efficient designs and site positioning to ensure optimum energy ratings and minimal environmental impact;
  • All building waste disposed through authorised management organisations;
  • Sourcing building supplies locally to reduce emissions from transporting;
  • Engaging the services of local skilled tradespeople and suppliers to support the local economy within regions we build;
  • The use of building designs and landscaping that complement the local environment.

Are you looking for a building partner?

We understand that capacity constraints and project timelines can change, requiring a flexible and committed building partner with the scope to handle small to large building projects.

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